Welcome to the Web Presence of
Steve Przybilla
(and near always present sidekick (in spirit,) Trooper!
The Tale Continues...

As many of you may have heard, the Project Completion Plan is not proceeding as well as
hoped.  Sadly, there are still a myriad of things to do.  And in usual fashion, I'm sitting here
goofin' with my web page in lieu of actually trying to get something DONE!  I have to admit,
I find this computer stuff much more entertaining than working on the house (
probably more expensive, too!

You might ask
"So what's NEW here, Steve?"
Answer: Not all that much.  Just some tweeks and reliability...

Please feel free to check-out the WebCam Page.  It actually seems to work most of the
time!  I sometimes amaze myself!
Click on the link to get you there NOW!

Go Directly to the LIVE WEB CAM Page

As usual, I'm goofing with a couple of other items but they may never be ready for "Prime
on the Internet.  Check in here every now and again for updates.
Who knows, it may even be interesting!  Ha!

Click here to head on over to the fun stuff.

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